Design Reference Manuals

BICSI offers a complete library of specialised ICT design reference manuals. Written and edited by experts in their fields, these publications are standards-based, vendor-neutral, and are respected for their careful research, precise writing, detailed graphics and tables, and easy-to-understand format.

Current BICSI Design Reference Manuals:

Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM), 13th Edition

The TDMM is the definitive reference manual for ICT infrastructure design. Written by industry experts serving within a vast array of industries, as well as the telecommunications infrastructure supply chain, the TDMM provides critical design information and practice for today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

Outside Plant Design Reference Manual (OSPDRM), 5th Edition

Written by industry experts representing thousands of completed projects, the OSPDRM focuses on outside plant properties, with the detailed information contained applicable to all projects large and small. In addition to covering traditional infrastructure subjects such as cabling and pathways, the OSPDRM also covers items not typically found within interior design work, such as right-of-way, permitting and service restoration.

Telecommunications Project Management Manual (TPMM), 1st Edition

TPMM is designed for anyone in the ICT industry who wishes to successfully manage complex telecommunications projects, by providing the key information needed to execute successful telecommunications projects. It is written by some of the very best telecommunications project managers in the ICT industry, and provides a unique reference for project management information that is applicable to telecommunications projects.