We have a new RCDD in NZ

In BICSI Bytes, Newsby info@bicsi.com.au

Last week, Tony Rosier, Project Manager at Indeserve in Wellington – sat and passed the RCDD exam, to earn the esteemed RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) credential.

Tony embarked on the suggested 6-month ‘RCDD Pathways’ program, starting late last year by obtaining and reading the TDMM, chapter by chapter. He then participated in the JB Hunter-led webinars and study groups that helped him develop the right learning strategy that helped him pass the RCDD exam first attempt and achieve the RCDD credential.

The strategy included attending a 5-day instructor-led DD102 course a few weeks before planning to sit the exam, which Tony said was critical to helping him pass the exam: “The training was a help for me for that last 10%. It helped the whole group [of students in the class] to understand certain topics, which are not the norm for ANZ markets.

Tony shared many of his experiences, wishing to convey them as tips for other BICSI members planning to become an RCDD: “All our test scores increased at the end of the course with our new-found knowledge. This helped us to know where we stood in being ready to sit the exam. [The instructor] Wayne Valent reinforced what I already knew and then helped me zero-in on what I needed to study. He really knows his stuff!

“I have a background in Telco and data cabling, so there was a lot to learn related to the electrical, earthing/bonding and IT-related topics, which filled in a few areas I was unaware of.

“The exam can be challenging, if you haven’t done your homework. I read the manuals four times, did a lot of research on the web and used cue-cards I found from a couple web sites.

“Once I sat the exam I was OK, as I had knew most of the questions, except for a couple. There were some USA-based questions, but had them covered off with the 200+ hours study I had done in the 6-months leading up to the exam.

“Providing you have done the hard yards prior, you’ve good chance to pass the exam. That said, 100 questions from 21 chapters is a lot to know inside-out. The challenge is to learn/take in so much material, and for me not having a degree, I nailed it in the end.

“The value of the RCDD credential means our company will have a greater standing (there are two RCDDs at Indeserve now) as a provider of technical skills to our existing and new clients going forward. It also gives me a greater understanding of IT requirements for the total solution.”

Congratulations to Tony for achieving this professional landmark credential. He joins nine other RCDDs in New Zealand, who collectively lift the professionalism of the country’s ICT industry.