Update on non-compliance to Cabling Provider Rules

In BICSI Bytes by info@bicsi.com.au

As you know, telecommunications cabling is regulated in Australia for both product and installation. What many don’t know is the severity of the penalties of non-compliance to these Regulations.

Telecommunications cabling products are regulated by AS/CA S008:2010: ‘Requirements for customer cabling products’, while cabling installation are regulated by AS/CA S009:2013: ‘Installation requirements for customer cabling (Wiring Rules)’. Both standards are currently being revised and will be released later this year. Several BICSI members are on the committee revising both standards, so we will notify you of the update in due course, and give you an outline of the changes.

In the meantime, we revisited the penalties for non-compliance to these mandatory standards and found it quite substantial. Note what the ACMA states on cabling non-compliance:

“Under the Telecommunications Act, what happens if I do not comply with the Telecommunications Act or the CPRs?

The ACMA has a range of options available to enforce compliance. The ACMA may:

·         simply issue a formal warning notice to you;

·         issue a non-compliance notice to the telecommunications carrier (who may disconnect dangerous cabling from the network);

·         issue a telecommunications infringement notice to the cabler (this is an on-the-spot fine of $2,040); or

·         if the matter is serious enough, the ACMA can take court prosecution action against the cabler. A court prosecution may result in a conviction and/or a fine of up to $90,000.

If you are an unregistered cabler who is not properly supervised or if the work you perform does not comply with the Wiring Rules you have committed a criminal offence and you could face an on-the-spot fine of $2,040. The fine can be up to $90,000 if court action is taken.”

Serious penalties indeed! The message is simple – use the right products and install it correctly, or else! Sadly, injuries and even deaths have been caused by non-compliant cabling products and poor installation. The Wiring Rules exist to protect consumers and technicians from harm. And the severe penalties convey just how serious our regulator treats it. The onus is now on us to ensure we comply to these regulations and not incur the penalties, or worse – cause a death or injury through non-compliance.