TIA Report Examines Impact of COVID on ICT Businesses

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TIA recently published the results of an industry study that examined the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on organisational operations in the ICT industry.

The study found that the traditional business concerns of ICT industry organisations led by sales and revenue have been surpassed by new challenges of employee satisfaction, supplier relations and adapting to new buying patterns of customers. These issues have, for now, become the top priorities for ICT organisations.

The survey was conducted with industry executives from 114 organisations in 10 countries around the world over a 2-month period and collected both measurable data and anecdotal evidence from industry leaders. The goal of the survey was to identify the evolving challenges and new opportunities for the industry to address. To conduct the study, TIA used an online tool where industry executives could safely provide both qualitative and quantitative insights to identify trends and commonalities.

Commenting on the survey, TIA CEO, David Stehlin said: “Our members, and the ICT industry as a whole, have encountered major shifts throughout their business operations as they adapted to the evolving market conditions brought on by the global pandemic. Business performance improvement is a significant part of our service offering and we set out to help our members better understand the emerging challenges by analysing data on global business priorities over three time periods—pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, and outlook for post-pandemic.”

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