BICSI’s RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) credential is recognised internationally as the benchmark in exceptional ICT infrastructure knowledge and skill. The credential is obtained through assessments of your knowledge and skills that can take just a few months or up to a number of years, depending on your experience. For anyone aspiring to become an RCDD, we recommend a structured pathway to hone skills and build knowledge. Individuals can step on at different levels, commensurate with their experience.

The application involves two assessments:

  1. Your ability to demonstrate several years’ experience in ICT infrastructure design; and
  2. Written exam to test your knowledge of the ‘Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual’ (TDMM), BICSI’s essential best-practice guide to ICT infrastructure.

As many RCDDs know, these are not easily achievable, so BICSI South Pacific, in conjunction with BICSI Authorised Design Training Provider (ADTP) JB Hunter, are coordinating a community based approach to obtaining the RCDD credential. This exciting program has been designed to step you through the RCDD ‘journey’, with the support of the BICSI South Pacific community. It combines:

  • Introductory webinar that outlines pathways and answers many commonly asked questions;
  • Self-paced learning from the TDMM;
  • Study groups and mentoring with local RCDDs;
  • A 5-day instructor lead ‘DD102 – ‘Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems’ course delivered by a local BICSI Certified Instructor; and
  • Exam preparation before undertaking the exam.

Whilst there is no specified duration to the RCDD Pathway Program, participants should expect to be exam ready around within six months. If you would like to learn more about this innovative program, and receive an invitation to the webinar, register your interest by completing the fields below.