NZ ICT sector stronger than ever

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New Zealand’s Economic Development Minister, Simon Bridges, recently launched the nation’s 2017 ICT Sector report that presented New Zealand’s ICT sector in a very good light.

Commenting on the report, Bridges said: “The Government has backed the ICT sector by investing in and enabling innovation and this support is paying dividends. The IT services sector makes a significant contribution to our economy. In 2016, more than 11,000 IT firms employed 29,700 people and contributed NZ$3.6 billion to New Zealand’s GDP.

“In addition, these firms invested $436 million in R&D in the last year – more than any other sector in the economy.

“The report paints a positive picture of a strong and growing sector. New Zealand’s ICT sector is rapidly maturing. There are more firms in the sector – both large and in start-up phase. And there are more investors – both local and international. This is clear validation of New Zealand’s ICT sector by the market.

“The Government is supporting a digital nation which will drive innovation, improve productivity and enhance the quality of life for all New Zealanders.

“With our continued commitment to the sector, including our nationwide roll out of Ultra-Fast Broadband, we are seeing New Zealand firms develop and commercialising cutting edge technologies, competing with the best and brightest globally.”

Key findings from the report:

·         10,700 more jobs in computer system design today than in 2010;

·         54 computer system design firms that employ more than 100 people – nine more than in 2015;

·         $436 million spent by computer services businesses on R&D – much of the recent growth in business R&D is due to businesses in this sector;

·         Average salaries and wages are close to $100,000 in computer system design firms (twice the New Zealand average); and

·         Exports are close to $1 billion.