NZ Government to build new schools for 100000 students

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For the first time ever, the New Zealand Government has committed to a long-term plan that will see brand new schools and classrooms built, to meet demand for around 100,000 extra student places for children entering schools over the next 10 years.

The country’s first ever National Education Growth Plan (NEGP) identifies where new schools may need to be built or additional classrooms are needed at current schools.

In announcing the program, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said: “This plan sits alongside the largest-ever single investment in school property in New Zealand history. The NZ$1.2 billion in guaranteed funding for new classrooms gives certainty to schools, parents, and the construction sector.”

Of the $1.2 billion of funding for school property in the Wellbeing Budget, the investments represent about $200 million of that funding, including:

  • Auckland
    • $20 million for construction of a new primary school in Milldale, Wainui;
    • $155 million for 228 roll-growth classrooms in 42 schools across Auckland;
    • $5 million for expansion of Hingaia Peninsula Primary School
  • Tai Tokerau
    • $20 million for 27 roll-growth classrooms in 9 schools across Tai Tokerau