Nominations Invited for Upcoming BICSI Headquarters Board of Directors Election

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Are you aware that BICSI South Pacific members can participate in the BICSI headquarters Board? Unfortunately, many members believe that only North Americans can participate in the BICSI Board of Directors Election. But in reality, there are a number of positions that we in the South Pacific can nominate for.

Of the six BICSI Board of Directors positions that are up for election this year, BICSI South Pacific members can nominate for two positions:

·         Secretary; and

·         Global Region Director.

You may not be aware, but some of our South Pacific members have nominated for these positions on the BICSI Headquarters Board in the past, but were unsuccessful, primarily for that very reason – few of our members actually knew they had nominated and therefore had little support in their aims to join the BICSI Board.

But you can change that.

It is our sincere desire to have representation on that Board sometime in the near future, to give our members a voice in the global community. That can only happen if, firstly our members nominate and secondly, if our members know that someone has nominated. While members cannot lobby for votes, our awareness of the nominees is critical.

So we urge BICSI South Pacific members to consider nominating for the Secretary and Global Region Director positions.

In order to submit your self-nomination, you will need the following:

•                    Your login and password for;

•                    A 300-word biography;

•                    A 100-word summary of your involvement with BICSI;

•                    A 100-word summary of what you will do if elected;

•                    A 100-word summary of your other volunteer efforts outside of BICSI;

•                    Your address history for the past 10 years;

•                    A high-resolution photo of yourself (less than 10MB jpg, gif, or png files only); and

•                    A letter of corporate support from your company (an example can be found here)

You will also need to read and agree to both the BICSI Nominating Committee Policy and the BICSI Bylaws.

To find out more about the positions and process, and to start the nomination process Click Here.

Nominations for these positions are open until Friday, 1 June 2018 at