New NZ Regulatory Framework for Telecommunications

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New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has recently issued Funding discussion paper, calling for industry feedback from the telecommunications sector on the funding for its plan to implement new regulation for fibre networks.

Parliament is currently considering the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill, where the proposed legislation would regulate the new fibre networks being rolled out nationally as part of the NZ$7 billion ultrafast broadband initiative. The Bill introduces a utility-style regulatory regime, similar to what exists for energy networks and airports.

If passed, the legislation will set the Commission a substantial task of regulating fibre networks, a task that will require an increase in funding and staffing. The Commission calculates it would cost $12 million to implement the proposed regulation over a three-year period.

The Discussion Paper seeks feedback on whether the plan incorporates an appropriate level of quality for this process. The feedback received will then be considered by the Commission before a proposal is made to the Government to increase the industry levy which funds the Commission’s work in the telecommunications sector.

The Discussion Paper can be downloaded from

Feedback on the Discussion Paper should then be sent to with “Fibre implementation funding” in the subject line.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 11 May 2018.