New IEEE 802 Standard for Fronthaul Time-Sensitive Networking

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IEEE recently published the IEEE 802.1CM-2018—Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks—Time-Sensitive Networking for Fronthaul. This is the first IEEE standard developed to connect a cellular network’s radio equipment to its remote controller via a packet network, in particular, over a bridged IEEE 802.3 Ethernet network.

IEEE 802.1CM supports fronthaul interfaces such as the recently published eCPRI specification to provide Ethernet-based fronthaul. IEEE 802.1CM describes how these requirements can be met by a fronthaul bridged network including synchronisation solutions developed by Study Group 15 of ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T).

Deployment of technology defined by IEEE 802 standards is driven by the ever-growing needs of data networks around the world. New application areas are constantly being considered that might leverage IEEE 802 standards in their networks from wireless, through twisted-pair cabling, to fibre-optic cabling solutions.