New Hazardous Materials regulation in NZ

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As of 1 June 2019, companies in New Zealand that exceed the thresholds for class 6 (toxic) and class 8 (corrosive) substances will need to have established a hazardous substance location (HSL).

HSLs must meet specified construction and capacity requirements depending on what’s being stored in them, and need to be separated from public and protected places by minimum distances depending on the substance classification and amounts being stored.

Companies will also need a location compliance certificate for their HSL by 1 December when the certification requirement becomes mandatory. Certification is carried out by compliance certifiers, a list of which is on Certifiers can start issuing compliance certificates from 1 June.

From 1 June, most of the rules for the safe use, handling and storage of a hazardous substance will also apply to hazardous waste with the same hazardous properties. For instance, companies will need to include any hazardous waste they use or store at their site in their inventory and label any containers that hold hazardous waste.