New certification to improve managed Wi-Fi network performance

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Wi-Fi Alliance recently introduced two enhancements for Wi-Fi Certified Vantage program to elevate the user experience in dynamic, managed-network environments ranging from large-scale deployments in venues, airports, and subway stations, to enterprise and service provider-managed residential networks.

Wi-Fi Vantage devices will soon include functionality to enable quick, secure authentication and consistent, quality connections in Wi-Fi networks through two new Wi-Fi Alliance certifications – Wi-Fi Certified Agile Multiband and Wi-Fi Certified Optimised Connectivity.

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband allows infrastructure devices to manage network resources and efficiently respond to changing network conditions. It provides intelligent steering by allowing devices to exchange information for the access point (AP) to guide a mobile device to a recommended band, channel, or AP. This steering capability avoids sub-optimal client behaviour in Wi-Fi Agile Multiband networks, such as a device remaining attached to an AP that is nearly out of range or experiencing high traffic loading. Steering capabilities maximise overall spectral efficiency by minimising congestion and improving device connection speeds, as well as helping transition devices from Wi-Fi to cellular networks when appropriate.

Wi-Fi Optimised Connectivity

Wi-Fi Optimised Connectivity optimises the process of discovering Wi-Fi networks, establishing initial connectivity, and roaming between APs serving the same network or different networks. Network discovery enhancements prioritise which channels a device scans during the discovery process, assisting devices in more rapidly discovering APs. Devices can quickly pre-authenticate to a Wi-Fi network based upon environment information received automatically from access points. Wi-Fi Optimised Connectivity also reduces management-frame overhead, resulting in more efficient sessions because devices spend less time sending or responding to network management traffic and more time moving user data. Wi-Fi Optimised Connectivity Certification will be available late 2017.