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BICSI membership is always for the individual, with all programs designed to assist members develop and be recognised as true ICT Infrastructure industry professionals, to contribute to the positive outcomes of our industry.

Of course, it’s not all ‘one-way’ of benefits to the members. Many BICSI South Pacific members ‘give back’ to the industry by volunteering their time and skills to advance the ICT Infrastructure industry. Many of our members serve on the following committees: Australia/New Zealand Standards; International Standards; Government ICT Cabling Standards; BICSI Standards; BICSI Design Reference Manuals; BICSI Conferences; BICSI Cabling Skills Challenges; and BICSI Golf Days to name just a few. Several BICSI South Pacific members also serve on the BICSI South Pacific Board of Directors, proving leadership and governance for the association and its members; while others also provide local leadership as regional coordinators to facilitate regular educational seminars, networking events and social activities.

Volunteers are always welcome to participate in the wide range of activities, all designed to advance the professionalism of the ICT Infrastructure industry.

All BICSI members, whether an individual member, or under a corporate membership, have access to these programs, which include:

  • Invitations to educational events:
  • Conferences (annually in both Australia and New Zealand);
  • Seminars (quarterly in most capital cities throughout Australia and New Zealand);
  • Seminar presentations (member only access)
  • Instructor-led 5-day training courses (held twice each year in Australia and New Zealand depending on industry demand). Course details here.

$230.00 / year

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