Individual Membership

BICSI membership is always for the individual, with all programs designed to assist members develop and be recognised as true ICT Infrastructure industry professionals, to contribute to the positive outcomes of our industry.

Of course, it’s not all ‘one-way’ of benefits to the members. Many BICSI South Pacific members ‘give back’ to the industry by volunteering their time and skills to advance the ICT Infrastructure industry. Many of our members serve on the following committees: Australia/New Zealand Standards; International Standards; Government ICT Cabling Standards; BICSI Standards; BICSI Design Reference Manuals; BICSI Conferences; BICSI Cabling Skills Challenges; and BICSI Golf Days to name just a few. Several BICSI South Pacific members also serve on the BICSI South Pacific Board of Directors, proving leadership and governance for the association and its members; while others also provide local leadership as regional coordinators to facilitate regular educational seminars, networking events and social activities.

Volunteers are always welcome to participate in the wide range of activities, all designed to advance the professionalism of the ICT Infrastructure industry.

All BICSI members, whether an individual member, or under a corporate membership, have access to these programs, which include:

Invitations to educational events:

  • Conferences (annually in both Australia and New Zealand);
  • Seminars (quarterly in most capital cities throughout Australia and New Zealand);
  • Instructor-led 5-day training courses (held twice each year in Australia and New Zealand depending on industry demand). Course details here.

Professional Credentialing

BICSI credentials are respected globally in providing assurance to both the ICT industry and its end-user clients that a BICSI credentialed individual has superior levels of knowledge and skill in a specific area of ICT infrastructure design and/or installation.

BICSI’s credential holders are highly talented and technically astute members of the peak professional body for ICT infrastructure. They apply their expertise every day in providing ‘fit-for-purpose’ ICT infrastructure for a diverse range of applications and industries. They advocate best practice in the ICT infrastructure that truly makes a difference for organisations all over the world.

Like most professional credentials, BICSI’s credentialing is a mark of industry skill, expertise and vision, in addition to technical knowledge, not an academic qualification that simply recognises knowledge. More importantly, it demonstrates a passion for best-practice in all things associated with ICT. BICSI credential holders are required have several year’s industry experience and pass rigorous exams based on the content of BICSI best practice manuals. They must also adhere to strict standards of conduct and keep their knowledge current through continuing education and recertification.

Current BICSI Credentials are:

  • Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)

    Established in 1984, the RCDD is the most prestigious of all BICSI credentials. RCDDs have demonstrated the ability to design, integrate and implement ICT and related infrastructure components across multiple disciplines and applications.

    More information here

  • Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM)

    ICT systems professionals pursuing excellence within the industry should consider becoming a BICSI RTPM. An RTPM demonstrates knowledge in project management concepts and tools in the ICT industry.

    More information here

  • Data Centre Design Consultant (DCDC)

    Established in 2011, DCDC credential holders demonstrate knowledge in various facets of data centre design and the ability to apply this knowledge.

    More information here

  • Outside Plant (OSP) Designer

    Established in 2001, OSP Designers demonstrate knowledge in OSP technology and the ability to design aerial, underground and direct-buried infrastructures.

    More information here

Industry Journals and Newsletters

All BICSI South Pacific members receive the following regular educational and industry update documentation:

  • BICSI ICT Today (bi-monthly international print publication);
  • BICSI Bytes (weekly South Pacific eNewsletter); and
  • Access to ‘Members-only’ technical documentation from the BICSI Learning Centre on this web site. This includes, but is not limited to, presentations from BICSI Conferences and seminars.


Substantial discounts are offered to BICSI members of items such as:

Leveraging Your Brand and the BICSI Brand

Your name will appear on the BICSI website and you will have access to the members-only section of this website.

You may use the ‘BICSI Individual Member’ logo on your business cards or other personal or company documentation that includes your first and last name. To download logos, log into using your membership number and password, which will take you to your BICSI Member Profile page. Click on ‘BICSI Logos’ to download.

Additionally, your membership travels with you as you move within the industry, both locally and internationally. Many members who have relocated cities and even countries have leveraged the recognition of their BICSI membership and credentials in connecting with the local ICT industry. Many have even secured employment in another country on the basis of their BICSI credentials, or through networking with local BICSI members.

Individual membership is held in the name of the individual and is non-transferable. Discounted rates are available for full-time students, active-duty military and retired individuals. (Contact BICSI South Pacific office for details on these Special Individual Memberships)

Members may upgrade their individual membership to corporate membership for the remainder of their membership period.

Annual Individual Membership Pricing

Australian applicants


Per Year
  • Download the BICSI South Pacific Membership Advantage brochure and application form

International applicants


Per Year
  • Download the BICSI South Pacific Membership Advantage brochure and application form