10 Compelling Reasons to Join BICSI

  • Attain international credentials
  • Save, learn, and network though BICSI’s educational conferences – unique values at impressive savings
  • Attend BICSI design courses at a discount and enhance your knowledge and skills
  • Receive BICSI’s technical reference manuals and CD-ROMs at a reduced rate
  • Receive timely advise on regulatory issues
  • Get a clearer understanding of processes for setting standards
  • Keep in touch with career opportunities through BICSI’s job listings
  • Stay competitive; stay on top of the news with these BICSI publications
  • Access to information you need fast
  • Receive exemption from cable registration fees

Who should join?

BICSI membership is open to individuals and corporations who service the telecommunications and building services industries.

Membership classifications include: cabling/wiring contractors, manufacturers/suppliers, telecommunications consultants, systems or network integrators, architects, engineers, building owners, and managers, telecommunications managers, electrical contractors, end users and more.

Choose from two Membership Plans

Individual Memberships

from $230

(+GST in Australia) per year

Individual Memberships are in the name of the individual and are non-transferable. As an individual member, you receive all member benefits and you exercise one vote in the BICSI governance.

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Corporate Memberships

from $550

(+GST in Australia) per year

Corporate membership is in the name of the company or corporation. Only one individual may be designated as the official corporate representative, and only that individual receives membership benefits. That person has a single vote in BICSI governance. The corporate representative may be changed at any time during the membership year by sending BICSI the change on company letterhead.

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