It’s Time to Determine Who Will Represent You on the BICSI South Pacific Board

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We invite all BICSI South Pacific members to once again choose which of their fellow BICSI members they would like to represent them on the BICSI South Pacific Board.

In keeping with our Board of Directors protocol, each year, approximately half of our Board step down after their 2-year term to make way for other members to take up these leadership positions.

This year, Marie Vermes (Secretary), Clive Hogg RCDD, Shane van Kampen and Lawrence McKenna step down from the Board. Staying on will be Trevor Kleinert RCDD NTS DCDC TECH CT (Chair), Roneel Singh (Deputy Chair), Aaron Drew RCDD (Treasurer), Julia Curtain, and Paul McDow RCDD.

Earlier this year, we invited all members to nominate themselves for specific or general positions on the BICSI South Pacific Board. From that invitation, we received five nominations:

  • Marie Vermes from AECOM in New Zealand (current Secretary seeking re-election as Secretary);

General Board Positions –

  • Brad Duce from Rahi Systems Australia in New South Wales;
  • Daniel Ellis RCDD from Arup in Western Australia;
  • Leigh Faulkner from DXC Technology in New South Wales; and
  • Kye Topping RCDD from Curtin University in Western Australia.

All of these members are very worthy candidates, and each brings a great deal of value to our association and vision for its future.

From these candidates, we ask that you make three selections by clicking on the check boxes next to the nominees:

– One selection for Secretary; and

– One selection for General Board Position from the four candidates.

The general board positions will be filled by the nominees with the highest aggregate votes. You can change your mind before submitting your votes, as the voting system will record your last selection.

Click here to go to the BICSI South Pacific 2020 Board Elections web page, where you will see all of the candidates’ details and the fields to enter your choices. Please take the time to read all of their comments before making your selection. There is much to glean from their visions, all of which would have a positive impact on the directions BICSI South Pacific could take.

Voting is only permissible to BICSI South Pacific members, so will need to log onto as a member, and then enter your BICSI membership number on the web page to submit your selection.

Voting will be open until midnight AEST 31 July 2020. Board positions will be announced in August.

All of the votes will be consolidated to determine the candidates with the most aggregated points.

We encourage all BICSI South Pacific members to consider who they want to see representing them in key industry matters, so we want you all to read the all comments from the candidates on our web site and make your selection from there.

These new Board members will each serve a 2-year term, after which, they will make way for new Board members. The nominees who aren’t selected for this year’s Board positions will be strongly encouraged to re-nominate next year, when the Board positions are vacated by the outgoing Board members.

Get involved wherever you can. It’s your association and we all should contribute to the collective advancement of our industry. If you’re not in a position to ever sit on the BICSI Board, or participate in one of our industry committees, then support the members who can by selecting who you want to represent you on the BICSI South Pacific Board of Directors.