IT Must Align Efficiency with Business Objectives or Face Failure: report

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According to The Green Grid, many IT leaders are either using too narrow a range of metrics, or have not deployed the necessary tools to get the required detail of measurement needed to effectively align data centre efficiency to wider business objectives.

The Green Grid claims that data centre organisations without a clear understanding of this could face a breakdown in dialogue and understanding between data centre and executive management and the board.

Lance Ruetimann, Vice President at The Green Grid explains: “It can be tempting to oversimplify metrics when reporting on efficiencies to the board. However, the problem then arises that a focus develops on a single metric, while ignoring other factors that may have a larger impact on meeting business needs. A 3D-approach that takes a more balanced view would be better.

“Furthermore, a challenge exists in the accuracy of measurement. Monitoring technology has taken significant strides forward and many other data centres could do with a refresh – poor measurement can be as bad as no measurement in certain situations. Essentially, IT leaders need to expand from a single-metric view and include broader technical metrics and KPIs into a meaningful message for all parties to improve their understanding, and support the operations message of the IT organisation.”

The Green Grid is aiming to tackle this problem and increase transparency for all parties by hosting a workshop entitled ‘Translating data centre metrics/KPIs into an executive management focused instrument’. Building on the success of existing metrics, leading data centre experts will work together and share their feedback to establish a framework which will ultimately foster communication and provide a better understanding between internal data centre organisations.

The workshop aims to bridge the gap between data-centre efficiency and business needs. By collating all feedback from those directly responsible and involved in the decision-making of the data centre organisation, a flexible data centre business instrument can develop that can address some of the difficulties faced, as well as better understanding the possible opportunities on offer.”