NBN Co Reports Moderate Decline in Australian Data Demand

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Data demand on the NBN main wholesale access service softened for a second consecutive week in August, according to the latest figures from the Australian Broadband Data Demand report.

For the week of 17 to 23 August, download throughput (the measure of data flowing through the NBN network) during the busy evening period peaked at 14.8 Terabits per second (Tbps) on the main NBN wholesale service – a 5.9% decrease on the peak of the previous week.

Australian Broadband Data Demand is a report into the peak throughput recorded in a week during daytime business hours, early evening hours and busy evening hours.

Download throughput during the same week peaked at 9.5 Tbps in daytime business hours, consistent with peak download throughput observed in the previous week and at 13.4 Tbps in the early evening hours, representing a decline of 5.7% on the peak download throughput of the previous week.

Peak upstream throughput in the evening busy hours for that week was 0.96 Tbps, holding steady from the previous week’s peak of 0.97 Tbps. Peak upload throughput was also consistent with the previous week during early evening hours, when peak upload throughput was 0.92 Tbps, and daytime business hours, which experienced peak upload throughput of 0.87 Tbps.

Compared to the pre-COVID-19 baseline:

  • downstream network usage during business hours on 21 August 2020 was 59% higher than pre-COVID-19; and
  • upstream network usage during business hours on 21 August 2020 was 92% higher than pre-COVID-19 baseline.