Industrial Internet Digital Transformation

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The Industrial Internet Consortium recently announced the availability of three new ‘Test Drives’ designed to help companies advance their digital transformation strategies: Connected Worker Safety; Intelligent Video; and IoT Sensor Implementation.

Test Drives are the results of IIC Testbeds and proofs-of-concept that are available for technology end users to employ and adopt in their own environments.

  1. Connected Worker Safety Test Drive focuses on improving worker safety and optimising site operations using smart wearables and data analytics. Some of the use cases addressed by this test drive are fall detection and alerting, worker time and motion studies, hazardous vehicle ranging and alerting, and geo-fencing.
  2. Intelligent Video Test Drive focuses on capturing and processing images for content analysis in a secure, open architecture for cross-industry use cases including quality assurance, situational monitoring, behavioural analysis and compliance verification. Some of the previous use cases addressed by this test drive were quality assurance, security surveillance, health and safety of factory workers, customer sentiment analysis and patient condition monitoring.
  3. IoT Sensor Implementation Test Drive focuses on an end-to-end solution to quickly start IoT in production lines without compromising security. This test drive uses industry standard methods and tools to drive sensor data to a time series database while continuously monitoring the devices for security threats. Some of the use cases addressed by this test drive are predictive maintenance, failure alerting and early warning system and monitoring for worker safety.