IEEE 802.3by 25 Gbps Ethernet Standard released

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IEEE recently published the IEEE 802.3by ‘Standard for Media Access Control Parameters, Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 25 Gbps Operation’.

This new amendment to IEEE Standard 802.3 represents the first available industry standard developed specifically to address the growing need for increased Ethernet speeds for server interconnects exceeding 10 Gbps, and one that offers cost-saving advantages over current higher speed Ethernet offerings.

Mark Nowell, chair, IEEE P802.3by 25 Gbps Ethernet Task Force said: “The work of the IEEE P802.3by 25 Gbps Ethernet Task Force epitomises how standards development is a key factor in ensuring best practices, and how best to meet the rapid demands of industry as technological advancements are pursued in the respective areas where Ethernet continues to play a growing role.”

IEEE 802.3by supports efficient Ethernet operation and defines single-lane 25 Gbps physical layers (PHYs) for operation over electrical backplanes, copper twin-axial cables with lengths up to 3-5 m and multimode fibre with lengths up to 100 m.