Have a look at the nominees for BICSI 2018 President-Elect position

In BICSI Bytes by info@bicsi.com.au

BICSI members around the world were recently notified via email of the candidates for the upcoming BICSI 2018-20 Board of Directors election, but in case you hadn’t checked the slate of candidates, you might be interested to note that candidates in the elections are not just North Americans and in a first for BICSI, a member outside of North America has nominated for President-Elect position.

Even though the South Pacific is still a ‘District’ and doesn’t have a director on the BICSI Board of Directors (occurs when we become a ‘Region’ with 500+ members), our members can still nominate for the President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary positions. They can also vote for any of the nominees.

While the BICSI Board has historically been made up of members largely from North America, having candidates from other countries nominate for such key positions demonstrates BICSI’s migration to a truly global organisation.

On September 1, all members will receive an email ballot to cast their vote. The election will run from 1-30 September, and all members in good standing as of 1 July, 2017, will be able to vote.

The list of all candidates is available at www.bicsi.org/election