Experts Sought to Review BICSI ‘Intelligent Building’ Standard

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The ANSI/BICSI 007-2017Information Communication Technology Design and Implementation Practices for Intelligent Buildings and Premises’ standard has recently been revised and is close to being published as ANSI/BICSI 007-2019. The chair of the sub-committee that wrote the new standard has contacted the BICSI South Pacific office asking for subject-matter-experts (SMEs) to volunteer to assist in reviewing the draft document.

There are 12 chapters and four appendices in the draft standard that need to be reviewed. Topics for review include Communications Infrastructure; Design Considerations for Building Systems; Facility Systems; Lighting; Electronic Safety and Security Systems; Audio and Visual Systems; System Integration; Training; Cloud/Network/XaaS; and Commissioning.

If you have expertise in any of these fields and would like to volunteer to review one or more of these sections, please email your interest to ASAP, and list the topics you would be in a position to review.

We will put your names and preferred review sections forward to the 007 sub-committee, who will then draw from that list, dependent upon the number of SMEs required. This is a global program, so experts will be drawn from all over the world. There is no guarantee you will be invited to participate, but we hope to have many members from the South Pacific participate.

Members invited to participate will be contacted directly by the sub-committee chair.

The review will take place progressively, but the first pass will occur by 22 April. All items received will then be integrated into one document. Once integration occurs, open or outstanding items will be addressed by section leads and known contributors.

If you have specific questions about the review you’d like answered before you apply, please let me know and I will refer them to the sub-committee chair.