Cabling standards and regulations training in Perth

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BICSI South Pacific Corporate member, Schneider-Electric is delivering its Network Connectivity Roadshow in Perth on Thursday 14 November to provide education on the latest cabling standards and regulations, and is approved for one BICSI CEC.

Commenting on the rationale behind the roadshow, Schneider’s Operational Offer Manager for Network Connectivity, Thomas Boer said: “With so many recent changes to the Australian cabling standards and regulations, we thought it important to get on the front foot to communicate this to the industry. We’ve engaged the services of Murray Teale from VTI Services to talk about all these changes in standards and market trends direct from the industry body to help everyone stay up-to-date.”

Over the past few years, several BICSI Corporate members have taken the lead in not only providing educational programs for our industry, but have gone to the extra effort to obtain CECs from BICSI’s Credentialing Dept, giving extra opportunities for our credential holders to obtain their CECs.

Contact Tim Bain on M: 0419 859 644 or E: for details on this event.

We thank them for taking this initiative and encourage all members – credentialed and not credentialed – to avail themselves of these educational opportunities.