Voting is from 1st July – midnight 31st July 2019.

Roneel Singh – Chair Elect

Work Biography: Roneel Singh is a Technology Consulting Executive specialising in Connected Technologies and Digital Transformation, with a keen focus on human centric design and the customer experience with a core underlying principal of People and Process before Technology.  Roneel is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) with Engineers Australia and was elected to Fellow Status (FIEAust) in 2018. In 2019, Roneel attained the prestigious Engineering Executive (EngExec) recognition.  Roneel is currently a Technical Director at WSP and the Technology Systems National Manager. The Technology Systems Team is a specialist team within WSP that focuses on providing technology and integration consultancy services. The specialist services covered include Audio Visual (AV), Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Telecommunications, Systems Engineering, Automation and Control Systems, ICT Master Planning & Strategy and Security Consultancy & Engineering. Roneel’s position and tenure at WSP has enabled him to gain experience in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, US, Middle East and Africa. It has also provided him with exposure to operational management, HR, recruitment, financial management, marketing, business / brand development and business strategy. Roneel is a passionate advocate for industry peak bodies, he is contributing his time to Engineers Australia, Infocomm (rebranded as AVIXA) and BICSI. Roneel understands the need for the ICT & Communications industry to gain more recognition and passionately drives for change within industry for it to be recognised as the key driver and backbone within the Construction Industry.  Roneel is a strategic thinker who is committed to finding the greatest level of value for the end client no matter who they are, with the aim to increase business efficiencies and workflow. The intent is to understand the key business drivers and to deliver technology and innovation which is integrated and focuses on the holistic solution.

Summary of your involvement with BICSI South Pacific to date: I am currently on the BICSI South Pacific Board of Directors and have been actively involved in several sub-committees. I am currently the Chair of the Volunteers sub-committee and actively involved in the Conference sub-committee and the Awards sub-committee. I am also involved with the BICSI South Pacific Board of Directors to provide Position Papers that will assist in elevating BICSI as the Peak Industry Body for ICT in our region. Prior to being appointed on the BICSI South Pacific Board, I was involved with BICSI in various capacities (promoting, presenting, finding presenters, volunteering & assisting with events) since 2015.

Summary of what you would do if elected: If elected I would like to continue on with the great work that BICSI South Pacific has been undertaking in the past couple of years by focusing on the following areas:

  • Opening up the BICSI community to a wider audience to ensure that we are seen as a true industry peak body for the ICT Industry
  • Releasing regular BICSI position papers on relevant issues impacting our industry.
  • Growing and reinforcing the volunteer base.
  • Increasing the significance of BICSI within our Industry and externally.
  • Improving industry awareness of BICSI’s services, products and credentials to end users and organisations.

Summary of your volunteers efforts outside of BICSI: Outside BICSI, my professional volunteering is focused general around the three main areas.

  1. AVIXA (Audio Visual Industry Body) – I get involved in regional round tables and activities and assist where possible in the promotion of credentials to end users and the use of the AVIXA ANSI Standards.
  2. Engineers Australia – I assist where possible with Chartered Status Assessments and Engineers Australia Activities associated with the ITEE College.
  3. Mentoring – I provide mentoring to 3 staff within WSP, two as part of a mentoring program and one informally.

Aaron Drew RCDD – Treasurer

Work Biography: I have worked in many and various areas of the Telecoms landscape. Starting out as a technician, I opted to pursue design and Project Management opportunities. I travelled to the UK in 2007 and obtained my RCDD in 2008. I have worked in The UK, USA and the middle East and returned to Australia in 2010. During my career I have taught cabling skills for the Defence Department, worked as Designer and Engineer in Oil & Gas, Defence and Government and Utilities sectors. Currently I work for Thales Australia in the Air Traffic Management Business as an Infrastructure Engineer and Security officer. Additionally I have a small Secure IT Destruction Business catering to high security clients.

Summary of your involvement with BICSI South Pacific to date: I have been a member of BICSI South Pacific for nearly 15 years and have volunteered as Victorian State coordinator for 6 of the last 10 years. I assisted in the running of the Cabling Skills challenge when it first started I have also volunteered at numerous conferences and promoted BICSI South Pacific activities to a number of organisations and individuals. I often attend functions for BICSI Japan and actively promote engagement between BICSI SP and BiCSI Japan.

Summary of what you would do if elected: I would like to continue to support BICSI South Pacific in its endeavours to grow and operate. As treasurer I would ensure that the organisation meets its governance and compliance requirements. Summary of your volunteer efforts outside of BICSI I am currently Treasurer of the Preston Motorcycle Club. PMCC is the largest motorcycle road racing club in Victoria and is the rights holder for the Victorian Road Race Championship. I have been in this role since 2016 and will continue to function as part the club committee. I actively volunteer at my children’s school and kindergarten functions.

Summary of your volunteer efforts outside of BICSI: I am currently Treasurer of the Preston Motorcycle Club. PMCC is the largest motorcycle road racing club in Victoria and is the rights holder for the Victorian Road Race Championship. I have been in this role since 2016 and will continue to function as part the club committee. I actively volunteer at my children’s school and kindergarten functions.

Shane Van Kampen RCDD – General Board Position

Work biography: My involvement with the data cabling industry has provided me career opportunities that I never considered possible. I am always looking forward to the future and solving the ongoing challenges that an ever-evolving ICT industry brings to the cabling and facilities infrastructure. I am a senior ICT and data centre technical specialist and an AV design professional with over 19 years of experience in solution design, data centre operational management, consultancy and ICT service delivery. I have worked for a variety of commercial and public sector businesses and large distributed service organisations. I have been an active BICSI member for the last decade. I am a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) and a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) with AVIXIA. When I’m not working or glued to a computer screen I enjoy getting out and seeing live music, cycling (nothing too serious) and I have recently decided to learn to surf. I have set myself the current goal of taking an international surf in the next 18 months, what could possibly go wrong….

Summary of your involvement with BICSI South Pacific to date: I have been active BICSI member since 2009. Over the last 6 years I have taken an active part in organising and delivering the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenges (CSC) at the Annual Conferences. My involvement began by simply helping out the organisers in my home of Brisbane one year to bump in the required kit to the venue and later helping them pack it up and move it out. This then progressed to me taking part formal judging duties in the following years. I have acted as the Secretary SCS committee for the last 3+ years. This has helped to raise the profile of BICSI with the wider industry and Registered Training Organisations.

Summary of what you would do if elected: If elected I look forward to the opportunity to continue to raise the profile and grow BICSI through working with other key industry associations such as Avixa.
I want to actively work with the technician and installers that I have daily contact with. To ensure they are aware of and are adopting the standards and best practices offered through BICSI standards and education programs.

Summary of your volunteer efforts outside of BICSI: Over the last 6 years I have been the primary carer for 2 elderly parents. This along with my work and other familial commitments hasn’t left me time for much else.
These carer commitments have recently lessened considerably, and this is the reason I am now in a position to nominate for the BICSI Board. Which I believe in turn will lead to further opportunities to more easily engage in volunteer charity and community activities.

Lawrence McKenna – General Board Position

Work biography: Lawrence is a Telecommunications/ICT Systems Engineer with 30 years of Telecommunications and ICT Systems industry experience. Lawrence has worked for Queensland Rail, Project Services (QLD Dept of Works), SKM/Jacobs and Wood & Grieve Engineers; conducting projects in all jurisdictions for both government and private sectors. Lawrence has now started a new firm/company – Cumarsáid. Lawrence’s engineering experience includes voice networking (inc. PABXs, regional-wide networks, VoIP), telecommunication and transmission networks (optical fibre and microwave radio), Structured Cabling designs, WANs, CANs, LANs, Audio-visual systems, security systems, and various radio (LMR, DMR, Sat) communication systems, WLANs and WWANs and other ICT systems. Lawrence’s audio-visual experience includes emergency response rooms, control rooms, secured/unsecured conference rooms, classrooms and educational facilities, and digital signage. This includes the AV system for the Qld Police Commissioner’s Board Room. Lawrence has undertaken complex security and video surveillance designs for Police Stations, Watch-houses, Courthouses, Correctional facilities, public spaces (including railway stations, tunnels), and commercial facilities and buildings. In summary:

Summary of your involvement with BICSI South Pacific to date: Been a Director of BICSI-South Pacific (Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc.) twice. Freely volunteered in previous exhibitions and conferences. More than likely assist with the conference’s speaker line-up. Is currently a (not-so-active) member of the Standards Committee.

Summary of what you would do if elected: If elected Lawrence has three goals that he would like to achieve: 1. BICSI business model is based on the collection and sale of knowledge, and a credential. Due to the “current” internet, YouTube, Social Media and other publications – knowledge is at near zero marginal cost, bypassing the capitalist marketplace. Marginal cost is the cost of producing additional units of a good or service. Knowledge is moving very quickly to a zero cost. Credentialing has value, only in markets that have placed a value on it. It is currently and unfortunately very US centric. BICSI-SP needs to aggressively create value in the market in the next few years or will need to be moving to another area of “value”.

2. Women in our industry (ICT) Women engineers have a visibility problem. Like women in other ultra-masculine sectors, they are often excessively visible as women, but overlooked when it comes to their technical expertise. This paradox gets in the way of forming relationships at work and hurts their advancement. This situation is worst for mothers. Engineering career with motherhood has been put forward as one of the main reasons of attrition. Mothers need:

  • Making part time work acceptable and the norm
  • Making working from home the norm
  • Kids get sick (a lot) – mothers need support and deliverable flexibility
  • Mothers need T&D, this may involve going to them to T&D and mentor.
  • Mothers are judged negatively by their colleagues

These are immense challenges in an environment that wants to do more for less. We need to stand for something. We need to do something for our members.

3. Develop and strengthen BEES! “Social” networking is such an important practice in developing: Opportunity to Meet New People, Learn and share knowledge and opinions, Job Market, Reach Out for assistance & Build a sense of community

Summary of your volunteer efforts outside of BICSI: Lawrence’s volunteering involvement is focused around the engineering and standards:

  • Standards Australia (Institution of Engineers Australia’s representative):
  • CT-001 (Communications Cabling)
  • CT-002 (Broadcasting and related services)
  • Communications Alliance:
  • WC45: Update of Industry Code – External Telecommunication Cable Networks Code
  • WC80: Update of Industry Regulations AS/CA S009 and AS/CA S008
  • CA IoT Advisory Group to Standards Australia IT-042 (Internet of Things and Related Technologies)
  • [Former] ITU-R ARSG-5 terrestrial radio working group
  • [Former] Deputy Chair Victorian ITEE College (Institute of Engineers, Australia)

Julia Curtain – General Board Position

Work Biography: Eager to begin my engineering career, I began working as an undergrad work at Arup. After graduating in November 2007, I started as a graduate ICT Engineer at SKM (now Jacobs). In mid-2016, I accepted a role as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer at Wood and Grieve Engineers.

I have undertaken roles in engineering design, commissioning, workshop facilitation, project management and committee membership. In both technical and management roles, I am focused on client satisfaction and team cohesion and development. These, together with my attention to detail, ensure that the projects I deliver exceed client expectations resulting in strengthened relationships within the project team and with the client.

I am passionate about engaging and retaining care-givers in the workforce. I believe that you cannot be what you do not see, and as such am committed to being a positive role model and advocate for diversity and flexibility in the workforce. Throughout my study and career, I have not met anyone who has managed to excel in their engineering career whilst remaining a stay-at-home parent. So I decided to forge this path myself with the support of my manager, my workplace and family. WGE have enabled me to work from home, bring my children into the office and on site, and work unorthodox hours. This has not kept my career alive whilst being a mother, but rather thrive, as shown in my recent promotion to Project Engineer.

Summary of involvement with BICSI South Pacific to date:

I am a current BICSI member and have been involved in the research and set-up of Women in ICT for BICSI. I have been actively connecting with women in ICT, having held several in-depth conversations with these women in order to understand the challenges that they face in our industry and how BICSI can play a part in overcoming some of these challenges to get to a point where gender is irrelevant.

Summary of what you would do if elected:

In partnership with industry and my employer, WGE, I have an opportunity to provide an alternative to the accepted norm. I want to encourage men and women alike to think outside the square and to question the 9am-5pm paradigm that we had previously accepted. By trusting and enabling employees, we can challenge this norm and prove that we no longer need to choose between being a hands-on caregiver and being a successful professional. By supporting, encouraging and empowering our peers we will shift this previously accepted norm which will greatly benefit our whole society.

Summary of your volunteer efforts outside of BICSI:

I completed the Standards Australia Young Leaders’ Program 2017/2018 and the Property Council 500 Women in Property 2018. I am on Standards Australia sub-committee (CT001-063), on several Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA) sub-committees as well as the Electrical College Victoria Branch (ECVB) committee of Engineers Australia. In my spare time I am a founding member of the Bentleigh East Sustainability Committee and on the Policy Committee at Coatesville Primary School.

Mike Stacey RCDD – General Board Position

Work Biography: For the last 4 years, I have held the position of Client Manager at Torque IP (TIP) who are a specialised, independent technology adviser; providing building services consultancy on Information Technology Systems (ITS) across the multiple technologies that influence our work spaces and our everyday lives. This pertains to both the traditional fixed (cable) and mobile (wireless) services, such as: Communication Systems, Data, Security, Audio Visual, Building Automation, Energy Management plus ancillary systems such as Wayfinding, Nurse Call, Assisted Listening, Boardroom & Theatre Technologies, In-Building Cellular Systems, RF etc. As my title indicates, my role at TIP is to represent our client’s ultimate interests as they pertain to ITS, fronting (on their behalf) to TIP, the industry and the local market. This extends to gap analysis, planning and design, procurement, supply chain management, project management and quality assurance.

Prior to this, I was employed by AMP / Tyco Electronics (manufacturer of connectivity products and solutions) as an Account Manager / BDM for 18 years. This period saw the evolution of cabling systems from Category 5 cabling (1997) through the many iterations of copper cabling systems and OM1 to OM5 optical fibre cabling systems. I was employed in the Premise Cabling Group mainly focussed on enterprise copper and optical fibre systems as they pertain to in-building, campus and data centre environments.

Prior to this I was employed by a cabling contracting company for 10 years (1987) before structured cabling was conceived. This period saw the ‘evolution’ of structured cabling and the Ethernet protocol, which essentially was the birth of the industry we all enjoy today.

1976 – 1987 I was a telegraph linesman for the NZ Post Office.

Summary of your involvement with BICSI South Pacific to date: In the year 2000, I became one of only a handful of BICSI qualified RCDDs in New Zealand. This has led to a long term, on-going engagement with BICSI South Pacific over the last (nearly) 20 years. For a considerable period of time, I took on the role as BICSI Regional Coordinator for the lower half of the North Island (Wellington) and also the South Island (Christchurch). These efforts (along with those of my Auckland colleagues) went a long way towards raising the profile of BICSI in NZ.

For a short period (3 years) I represented BICSI NZ on the CT-001 committee (now retired).

For the last 3 years, I have been the Chairperson for the BICSI SP New Zealand committee. This committee has not only represented BICSI to the wider industry through regional seminars but has successfully built up the annual BICSI NZ conference, which is now attracting in the region of 400 delegates per annum, supported by approx. 30 exhibitors each year.

Summary of what you would do if elected: If elected, my key focus would be:

  1. Align the BSP NZ Committee KPI’s to the wider BICSI SP strategy.
  2. To raise the profile of our industry and BICSI to central govt influencers to seek recognition within the NZ Building industry.
  3. Raise the profile and benefits of BICSI independent education and knowledge base resources industry wide.

Chitrang Trivedi – General Board Position

Work Biography: Chitrang Trivedi has been active participant in the ICT industry for over 22 years.

In July 2018, he was appointed CEO of 4Cabling in recognition of his contribution to the company’s strategic and operational well-being and his vision for the future growth of the company.

With both technical qualifications (including BICSI Data Centre Design qualifications) and an MBA, Chitrang is well placed to ensure that BICSI progresses the agenda of the ICT sector, as well as staying relevant and proactive for members.

Chitrang has an established a network of 300+ distributors, resellers, contractors and value-added resellers across Australia, along with strong relationships within the SME, government, education and corporate sectors and contacts with overseas manufacturers of structured networking, racks, fibre and peripheral products, Chitrang is well placed to serve BICSI’s south pacific member base.

He is a strong proponent for industry training and encourages all 4Cabling team members to undertake professional development activities where possible.

Chitrang has also mentored many people within in the ICT sector and is generous with his time and energy in this regard.

Summary of your involvement with BICSI South Pacific to date: 4Cabling has been a member of BICSI since early 2018. Since joining BICSI, we have worked to ensure that our ICT products adhere to industry standards and guidelines, and we have provided industry feedback when requested.

We encourage all team members to undertake BICSI professional development activities when applicable to their role.

I have previously been involved with BICSI in other roles and companies for a number of years and so worked to ensure that 4Cabling became a member after I joined them.

Summary of what you would do if elected: I can add value in Strategy, governance and commercial matters as a board member. I can bring my CEO skills to the board as and when required. Apart from this, my aim will be to bring more members to BICSI by spreading awareness throughout my network.

Summary of your volunteer efforts outside of BICSI: I provide voluntary career advice via LinkedIn and other channels, mentoring individuals and small businesses

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