BICSI South Pacific Member Wins International Innovation Award

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Modular Photonics, BICSI South Pacific corporate member, recently won a 2020 Cabling Installation & Maintenance (CIM) Platinum Innovators Award for its OMPlex suite of optical fibre devices.

The CIM awards, announced at the recent BICSI Fall conference, celebrate products, systems, projects, and programs that enable better, more-efficient communications for users of ICT around the world. The program recognises ingenuity and innovation wherever it is found in the value-chain of cabling-system design, installation and administration. Based on judges’ evaluations, worthy applicants are recognised as having achieved Silver, Gold, or Platinum status for their innovations. Platinum awards go to products deemed by CIM to be superb, offering ground-breaking approaches, or establishing new levels of performance.

Modular Photonics’ OMPlex devices are single-mode emulators based on a passive plug-and-play silica photonic chip that mitigates the modal dispersion problem and enables multimode fibre to perform like single-mode fibre. OMPlex delivers fast data rates over long distances, supporting 1-, 10-, 25-, 40-, and 100-Gbps transmission over 2 km of all multimode fibre types.

It makes BICSI South Pacific proud for one of its local members to be recognised and applauded internationally for industry-leading home-grown innovation. Congratulations to Modular Photonics for a well-deserved innovation award.