BICSI South Pacific a very close 2nd at International Skills Challenge

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At the Cabling Skills Challenge 2017 final held in Tampa, Florida at the BICSI Winter Conference last month, BICSI South Pacific’s representative – Cameron Rolfe from Datatel in WA – came excruciatingly close to winning the overall event – coming a very close second.

Cameron was the winner of the 2016 South Pacific Cabling Skills Challenge (CSC) Grand Final at the BICSI conference in Sydney last May and went to the BICSI US conference top complete in the global Skills Challenge competition. He was one of the 18 competitors for the 10th anniversary final – Cameron from South Pacific, two from Japan, one Puerto Rico and 14 from the United States.

Our South Pacific champion did us proud, competing at an extremely high standard. Out of a possible 1000 points, Cameron was only 11 points behind the overall winner, winning two of the seven challenges as well as a speed challenge.

Competitors are tested in five practical elements, a theory exam based on the BICSI TECH qualification and are also assessed for professionalism and occupational health & safety. Additionally, competitors complete three speed challenges with additional scoring making up the 1000 total points.

Cameron scored highly in professionalism and safety, as he presented himself in uniform and always on time ready to compete. His expertise in optical fibre termination shone through, winning the termination challenge and one of the fusion-splicing speed challenges. Where he really excelled was in the knowledge challenge, where he topped the score for the written exam. To put this in perspective, the exam is based on the BICSI Installation TECH exam which is typically only completed by US installers.