BICSI data centre design courses in South Pacific soon

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The BICSI DC102 date centre design course will soon be delivered in the South Pacific by a local BICSI member. Last month, BICSI South Pacific’s Chair Elect, Trevor Kleinert RCDD DCDC became a BICSI Certified Trainer to deliver the DC102 Applied Data Centre Design and Best Practices course.

Developed by a global team of data centre experts, this comprehensive 5-day instructor-led course covers key aspects of the delivery of essential infrastructure for data centres; and is based on the highly respected ANSI/BICSI 002 Data Centre Design and Best Practice standard.

With the significant increase in the number and scale of data centres being deployed in the South Pacific, the demand for skilled and knowledgeable data centre designers is on the rise. Gaining knowledge of best-practices from an industry leader in data centre design is an essential step in increasing your knowledge in this sector.

As a BICSI credentialed DCDC (Data Centre Design Consultant) based in Australia, Trevor will be in an excellent position to deliver the comprehensive course with a local flavour, for maximum benefit of students.

The course will be made available through BICSI’s local ADTP (Authorised Design Training Provider) JB Hunter. The first DC102 courses will be delivered by Trevor in Sydney 16-20 September and Melbourne 14-18 October. For more details, go to