Australian Datacentre yesterdays infrastructure will not cut it

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Australian Datacentre – yesterday’s infrastructure will not cut it!

Exponential ICT growth and new Datacentre demands are putting tremendous pressure on traditional IT systems in Australia, according to recently published IDC research.

Market drivers such as digital transformation, ‘as-a-service’ models and requirements for operational efficiency – such as greater use of automation – are resulting in more than 60% of enterprise IT organizations committing to multi-cloud architectures by 2018. This is, driving up the rate and pace of change in IT organisations.

“In addition, we are seeing a shift in the ownership model,” said IDC research director, Annemarie Kikos. “Enterprises are building fewer datacentres and are relying on service providers to provide datacentre services from their newly build facilities.”

As such, the traditional IT on-premise market is predicted to be reduced by 50% in 2020. Instead, enterprise organisations are increasingly looking to the private cloud on/off-premises as well as public cloud off-premises.

“Digital disruption is real in that 75% of top 500 S&P companies will be replaced by 2027 unless they become digitally astute and increase DX spending throughout their organisation,” said Annemarie “This applies specially in Datacentre where IDC is forecasting 29% of the DX spend (globally) will go.”

IDC expects 37% of datacentre compute capacity will be installed in hyperscale datacentres in 2017.

The total Datacentre market in Australia is a broad spectrum of participants ranging from Datacentre owners/operators to Hyperscale providers to IT infrastructure providers. Datacentre facility providers will seek infrastructure, network and management partners as fewer datacentres will be constructed.