Australia leads global race to adopt 5G

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Australia will lead the world in the 5G race and will be one of the first countries to deploy the technology to consumers this year, according to Deloitte’s 2019 TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) Predictions.

Deloitte predicts 2019 to be the year 5G arrives in scale across the globe, providing the fastest mobile internet speeds ever, forecasting that 25 network operators will launch 5G services globally this year, and twice that in 2020.

Deloitte Partner, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Peter Corbett said: “5G will transform the way we live in 2019. The high data speeds and low latency 5G provides could spur the next evolution of health-care, smart transport, manufacturing and nearly every industry that relies on connectivity. We predict Australia will be one of the fastest countries to commercially rollout 5G, and put its power in the hands of every day Australians.”

More than 1 million 5G-ready handsets are forecast to be sold worldwide in 2019, and Australia is predicted to sell 50,000 of them. This is a considerable stake in the global figure, and is largely attributed to Australia’s 5G infrastructure readiness.

Australian network operators have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into 5G infrastructure, laying the foundations for the technology and enabling Australia to lead the pack.

Deloitte also predicts 1 million 5G fixed wireless access devices will be installed around the world in 2019, with Australia predicted to install 10,000 devices by year’s end.

“We also expect to see more partnerships between 5G fixed wireless service providers and city councils to mount small cells on light poles and other sites,” Corbett added. “This will allow telcos to access small cell locations through a city, without having to acquire expensive real estate.”

As 5G rolls out across Australia, Deloitte predicts a new wave of innovative and 5G-ready Internet of Things (IoT) devices to hit the market.

“These innovative products will include 5G enabled smart-home appliances, sensors and vehicles. 5G will enable a more efficient and diverse smart appliance ecosystem that connects all aspects of our lives,” Corbett said. “There are many opportunities and challenges ahead for the rollout of 5G, and customers will need to be patient. However, we predict 2019 will indeed be the year of commercial rollout, and early bird customers will enjoy enhanced speeds from their home, and potentially on the go within connected pockets of major cities.”