BICSI Standards

Current BICSI standards:

BICSI committees are currently working on the development of the following industry standards:

  • D003 – Educational Facilities (Complete Rewrite of BICSI 001);
  • D011 – International Cabling Installation;
  • D013 – OSP Installation – General Practices;
  • D033 – New Standard: Intelligent Building;
  • D034 – New Supplemental Information: Medical Grade Wireless Utility;
  • D035 – Revision to BICSI 005 (IP Fire Alarm)
  • D038 – New Standard: OSP Installation of Poles, Anchors, and Guys;
  • D039 – New Standard: OSP Installation of Cabling into Aerial Pathways

As these are completed, they will be published on the BICSI head office web site at,3306&r=3308