BICSI South Pacific 2016 Board elections

Listed below are the four BICSI South Pacific members who have nominated to take up positions on the BICSI South Pacific Board of Directors – positions that are being vacated in our annual Board rotation.

Board positions are held for a 2-year period, with half of the Board changing each year, the positions vacated being filled by nominees selected by you – BICSI South Pacific members.

The nominees listed below are seeking your approval to represent you in the determining and delivering the strategic direction of our association, and our ICT INfrastrucre industry at-large.

These are vitally important roles, so we ask that you take some time to review the nominees for the BICSI South Pacific 2016 board elections before voting.

This years nominees

Listed below are the four BICSI South Pacific members who have nominated to take up positions on the BICSI South Pacific Board of Directors – positions that are being vacated in our annual Board rotation.

Board positions are held for a 2-year period, with half of the Board changing each year, the positions vacated being filled by nominees selected by you – BICSI South Pacific members.

The nominees listed below are seeking your approval to represent you in the determining and delivering the strategic direction of our association, and our ICT INfrastrucre industry at-large.

These are vitally important roles, so we ask that you take some time to review the nominees for the BICSI South Pacific 2016 board elections before voting.

Bruce Berry   RCDD

Nominating for re-election

I grew up in the Cairns area of Far North of Queensland. After graduating from Central Queensland University with an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering, my career commenced in the aviation industry working on light aircraft avionics and instrumentation. Soon after I moved on to become a Trainee Technical Officer with Telstra (Telecom) in the radio communications section in Mackay where I worked on a range of radio telephony and broadcast equipment. In the 1980’s I spent some time in Woomera SA working on military satellite communications equipment.

After this I spent a couple of years as Farm Manager on my parent’s property in Far North Queensland. This gave me valuable insight into the world of business management.

I then moved back to Telstra Broadcast where I held several positions in Rockhampton, Darwin, Brisbane and Ningi in the period from the late 1980’s to 1999. These positions involved a wide range of maintenance and installation work in many of the communications bandwidths. It was during this period I got my Open Cabling Registration.

After parting from Telstra, I was employed by CITEC and after discovering the poor condition of the Data Centre cabling infrastructure, I convinced management to allow me to implement a structured cabling system. I designed and built this system with some help from a couple of BICSI members. The system has evolved and now includes both copper and fibre. Currently there is about 9000 copper connections and 5000 fibre connections over 3 levels of Data Centre. 

I did have a small break from CITEC in a role with a small company doing cabling installations and adds, moves and changes in the North Brisbane area.

Over the years I have continued to study and have been awarded an Associate Diploma in Computing and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Information Systems.

I am the father of 4 children and grandfather to 6.

BICSI Involvement

My first contact with BICSI was in the early 2000’s when I started the structured cabling system at CITEC. Some of the people who advised me were involved with BICSI. I was invited to several breakfast seminars and became a member in early 2008. In October of 2008 I completed my RCDD.

I have been actively involved with the Queensland section, attending most of the seminars and functions. I assisted with the organisation of the 2011 conference in Brisbane and have been involved in the preparing for and promoting subsequent conferences, including the upcoming 2016 conference.

I have been a BICSI South Pacific Board member since July 2015, and actively involved in many of BICSI’s programs in that time, working closely with the BICSI South Pacific staff. Most recently, I have been appointed to BICSI Standards Task Group, developing a Standard Operating Procedure document for inclusion in the forthcoming BICSI Data Centre Operations Standard.

If Re-elected

If re-elected, I would like to be active in promoting BICSI’s involvement with training. In particular having data cabling recognised as a trade would be high on my agenda. In Australia, most data cablers are electricians with cabling as a side-line. I feel that BICSI could be a force in gaining Government support for this, particularly with the training schemes that are already in place in the U.S. 

I would also like to support the current efforts to have the RCDD recognised by Engineers Australia as a design qualification that can be used to support Engineers. This will go a long way to having BICSI recognised in general industry rather than predominantly Government work.

Volunteering Outside of BICSI

Over the years, I have been a member of a range of clubs (mostly sporting) and have held president, vice-president and other minor roles within those clubs.

I have always participated in club activities. I am currently a member of the Caboolture Sports Dog Obedience Club and I am regularly involved in club activities. My main interest is in tracking and I have been involved in the running and organisation of almost all the club events in this area, even when I am not competing. 

I have also managed to convince my employers to allow me to provide Trade College and TAFE students with tours and instruction on the operation of a Data Centre cabling system.

Trevor Kleinert


I began my journey in the cabling industry at the age of 17 for A.G. Garland, cutting cable in their Notting Hill premises in 1986.  From there I progressed through the company and after 5 years of being initiated into the world of sales and warehouse management, I moved on into active products and with it doing various communications courses, product courses and a Certificate of Sales Management.

Through the Nineties I was a keen player in bringing the Panduit Data and Communications product line into the market with both National Sales and Product Management roles.  The late Nineties saw a stint with ALLNET and Anixter where I was selling cat6 (Gigaspeed) into the market at the high end of town i.e. Financial and Corporate clients.

Early 2000 I moved to a State Management role at KRONE, eventually relocating to NSW to head up their Fibre Development business.  During the next 5 years I immersed myself in numerous sales, financial, technical courses, and worked my way up to the position of Director of Sales and Operations.

A year later I moved into the power cable world for a change and by 2010 was back in the ICT world and getting heavily involved in the data centre arena, selling cabinets in the commercial and government sectors of NSW and ACT over a 4 year period.

I am currently the NSW / ACT / Queensland Business Development Manager for Warren & Brown Technologies concentrating on sales and product development in the data centre and commercial world.

I have a current RCDD (acquired in 1999) a NTS (acquired in 2004) and a DCDC ( acquired in 2015 ). I have been a member of BICSI since 1997.  I have also made a recent move into Standards Development and am currently on the Pathways and Spaces Sub-Committee.

Over the years I have gained a strong understanding of the ICT industry, both technically and from a sales development perspective, with a strong desire to continue to pursue into the data centre spaces and ICT developments in the industry.

BICSI Involvement

I became a member of BICSI in 1997 and having held a continuous membership for the past 18 years I have also been active in promoting the companies I have worked for in becoming Corporate Members, if they were not already.  In 2003 I was involved in the writing of the first BICSI Residential Manual.
I was the NSW State Co-ordinator for the 2005/06 year and have been an active promoter of the benefits of BICSI to the end user, consultant and contractor markets.  Participation in numerous annual seminars and assisted BICSI where I can in these events.  Of recent times I am the newly appointed ACT Co-ordinator, a member of the 2015 Conference Committee, and also judging involvement in the 2015 Skills Challenge for NSW and ACT.  In addition to the above, I have presented at a number of BICSI Quarterly Seminars and presented at the 2015 BICSI Annual Conference in Sydney. Recently I took on the role of Chair of the BICSI Training & Education Sub Committee.

If Elected

If elected to the Board of Directors for the 2015/16 term, I will continue the passion I have for BICSI and concentrate on raising the profile of membership and its advantages to the markets we deal in.  Concentrating not only on the direct ICT markets but the associated markets that are linked to ICT.  I feel the success and growth of BICSI is critical for our industry and the more involved the industry becomes the more knowledgeable it will become.

I also intend to push the education programs of BICSI ranging from credentials to online training products for both attainment of credentials and for personal growth.  BICSI education programs are second to none and I believe the market is generally unaware of what is on offer and how simple it is to participate in these programs.

I wish to educate the market through actively promoting the BICSI offering to all verticals in a bid to grow the attendance levels to the point of requiring a full-time BICSI Trainer here in the South Pacific.

Best practice in all aspects of ICT installation and testing is a key focus of my passion to educate the market through my own knowledge and the BICSI education programs.

Volunteering Outside of BICSI

In the late Nineties, I was a member of the Structured Cabling Standards Sub-Committee and a member of the NECA Panel in 2004 on behalf of KRONE.  More recently, I have been accepted onto the Pathways and Spaces Standards Sub-Committee participating in the writing of the New Standard for ANZ.

Lindon Haigh RCDD, OSP

Nominating for re-election


I am specialist in telecommunications design and engineering construction, offering a wealth of expertise, embracing extensive knowledge of fibre optic and copper technologies, across the telecommunications construction industry in design, consultancy, quality and engineering. I am widely acknowledged as an ‘External Plant’ ‘subject-matter-expert.

During my 30-year telecommunications career, I have developed a broad spectrum of telecommunications skills, achieving national industry recognition as a multi-award winning specialist.

In recent times, I have ‘made the difference’ on the NBN project through extensive high-level input into the project design, optimisation, compliance/audit, technical reporting, training and mentoring, and am driven by a vision of a successful outcome for the grand project.

I had an early career and grounding in the electrical construction, mining and heavy industry, and then shifted focus to a telecommunications career that commenced with Telecom Australia as a Linesman in a multi-function depot.

Now recognised as a ‘physical layer’ specialist (RCDD/OSP), with the ability to offer economical and practical design/engineering solutions through innovation, thinking ‘outside of the square’ and the application of an expertise in methods and practices, gained from many years at the ‘coal face’.

I am a man of high initiative and willingness, able to adapt, collaborate, facilitate and co-ordinate I demonstrate dynamic team leadership, in improving operational and technical processes whilst offering guidance and support in areas of compliance with technical, environment and safety.

BICSI Involvement

My relationship with BICSI began 14 years ago in 2001. I was encouraged to become an individual member and soon purchased the TDMM, studied, and began to apply my new knowledge into the workplace.

I sat the RCDD exam in 2003 at the Melbourne, and then moved straight onto the OSP specialty exam in 2004 in Brisbane. I have continued to attend every conference since 2003.  For 2/3 years I was the BICSI Regional Co-ordinator in Tasmania, primarily promoting BICSI at every opportunity, through planning and organising breakfast seminars, recruiting new members and the promotion and supervision of “Skills Challenge.”

In 2014, I was elected to the BICSI South Pacific Board.

I have focussed on BICSI’s position in the telecommunications industry in regard to specialised training, specifically the many components OSP training. I strive to have ‘the Skilled Labourer’ recognised and rewarded with a formal qualification in order to consolidate the many competencies that are necessary to enter the telecommunications OSP industry.

My interest in OSP education development has extended to being accepted and participating as a panellist on the recent OSP JTA at BICSI headquarters in Tampa 2013.

I now endeavour to give OSP a greater presence in BICSI South Pacific.

If Re-elected

As a telecommunications professional re-elected to the BICSI Board of Directors, I aim to:

  • Continue to develop myself personally and professionally through education, commitment and involvement.
  • Focus on compliancy, consistency, sound work ethic and integrity in the telecommunications industry.
  • Share my expertise and knowledge as I develop, with those who show willingness to learn.
  • Extend my expertise, knowledge and guidance to those who are breaking into the industry.
  • Participate in standards review, industry papers and events.
  • Develop teams, work groups and trainees to a degree of confidence, high performance, accuracy and maturity, through specialist mentor support, inclusion and basic principles implementation.
  • Be a fair and worthy leader.
  • Demonstrate safe, quality and cost-effective work through efficient and improved methods and practices.
  • Promote BICSI as a worldwide preeminent source of information, education and knowledge assessment.
  • Rigorously encourage BICSI initiatives such as the ‘Skills Challenge’, the RCDD and specialist credentials, and acknowledgement of industry excellence.
  • Promote BICSI principles, policies and brand.

Volunteering Outside of BICSI

In my local community, I am a committee member for the Bruny Island Environmental Network (BIEN). The group’s main interests are in maintaining an environmental balance in the region. BIEN plans and co-ordinates the famous Bruny Island Bird festival every two years. My most recent achievement has been stopping a seaplane from disturbing the ambience and wildlife in Barnes Bay by dropping and picking up tourists from eco-tours. My latest quest is to prevent residents and visitors from bringing their waste vegetation from mainland Tasmania onto Bruny Island in order to dump in the bush.

Mentoring of individuals and industry groups is ongoing. I am committed to sharing my time with those who show an eagerness to learn. I take satisfaction from seeing the continuing achievements in life and the telecommunications industry of those whom I have assisted.

In the past I often worked with the community sporting bodies, usually in committee and public relations and media roles.

Marie Vermes


I am a 28 year old Mechatronics engineer, born in France and living in New Zealand since 2010.

I am currently employed at Aurecon as an ICT engineer, having recently moved from Beca Ltd, where I had been for the previous 3 and half years, working as a Comms and Security engineer in the Building Services department.

My job involves design of security, structured cabling and audio visual systems for a diversity of projects including fitouts and new builds. I have also been involved in consultancy services for security asset reviews.

Prior to this, I was part of the Industrial department: I have been involved in major nickel furnace rebuilds both in procurement and instrumentation and control designs.I have a passion for working in high performing teams and challenging projects. I take pride in delivering quality in everything I undertake.

My life outside of work includes rowing, running and being part of social team sports such as volleyball, soccer, touch rugby or netball.

BICSI Involvement

I have been introduced to the BICSI world through Karin Pasalich at Beca Ltd, 2 years ago. I have since realised the impact and importance BICSI in the ICT world and its growing impact in the South Pacific region.

I have taken and passed the ITS Design Fundamental Program in 2013.

I am currently studying for the Data Centre Design Consultant course. I would like be DCDC accredited in 2016 in order to start studying towards RCDD.

I have assisted in the organisation of an informal DCDC study group in Auckland.

If elected

I understand BICSI South Pacific is taking a turn in the way it is organised. These are very exciting times and I am very motivated to play an active role in this change.

I believe BICSI deserves to be omnipresent in South Pacific, and more specifically in New Zealand. The first step towards this is getting a structure in place that is robust, transparent and efficient on which BICSI South Pacific can build on and expand.

Volunteering Outside of BICSI

I have been a member of several associations during University. I am aware of the role of secretary involves, having been one for our sailing association.

During my mandate, we registered the association as a non-profit organisation which demanded a lot of time and commitment.

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